Austin Enthusiastically Welcomes Easter!

Tommy inspects toy quality.


Tommy loves holidays.  He can't keep his eyes off the new stuff. eastyboys.JPG (65385 bytes)He explores the entire basket.
eastaustinbunnybasket.JPG (69261 bytes)"Hey this basket is blocking the television!" eastaustinbunny.JPG (56451 bytes)He wants to watch The Easter Bunny is Coming to Town.
eastommy.JPG (55219 bytes) eastervideo.JPG (59541 bytes)Eating chocolate and watching a bunny.
eastertommybakeS.JPG (67669 bytes) easterbasketaustinS.JPG (74761 bytes)


Tommy tears off clothes in wild chocolate bunny euphoria.


2003 Easter with Mr. D's Class


Anbita teaches Austin how to dye eggs!

easteraustin.JPG (60881 bytes)Austin Eye's his first Easter Egg Masterpiece! eastertommy.JPG (69527 bytes)Tommy is so pround!
easteraustin'sfirstegg.JPG (46955 bytes)A picture for the ages. eastertommyfirstegg.JPG (34977 bytes)An Egg that will live in...
easter2003two.JPG (75374 bytes) easterboyshide.JPG (76107 bytes)
easter2003three.JPG (66634 bytes) easter2003four.JPG (74069 bytes)
easter2003five.JPG (77943 bytes) easter2003.JPG (80214 bytes)

Oh No Tim's Got Tommy!

Austin storms the castle!

(okay the photo in the pool is from Chinese New Year, but we had nowhere else to put it)

The Boys' First Easter

boyseaster.jpg (35807 bytes)The Easter Bunny is coming to town today........ tommybunny.jpg (72967 bytes)Tommy and The Bunny.
boysbunnies.jpg (70846 bytes)Hurray for the Easter Bunny! austineaster2.jpg (29511 bytes)Austin marvels at new bunny.
carpool.jpg (354374 bytes)

Chilling in the Car Pool.

austineaster.jpg (76512 bytes)

The Easter Bunny was here!

swimmers.jpg (108955 bytes)Pool Boys!
Tommywaves.jpg (63279 bytes)

Tommy happy on Easter day.

supertommy.jpg (63148 bytes)Super Tommy! superboys.jpg (182375 bytes)

Never fear, Super Babies are here!

Sharon and Austin