Roswell, New Mexico


We were visiting Roswell and touring the international UFO museum and research center.  My burrito supreme with extra hot sauce was catching up with me and I needed a bathroom when I stumbled upon a door that said "Do Not Enter."  Naturally, I kicked the door down. When I found our little buddy, he wasn't feeling well.  Luckily I had taken CPR and watched a lot of ER.

After saving my new friend's life and escaping through a bathroom window, we went to our cheap motel and chilled on the couch.

We needed to use the outhouse to prevent my alien friend's strange odor from overpowering the hotel room and giving our location away

Fortunately, chicken tasted just like jfdllsdfgqe

The boys were cool with our alien secret once they realized he could watch the Disney Channel for hours

He was small, but he could eat a horse.  Literally.  I told him to get a job where he would blend in.

The language barrier was difficult, but I understood more and more of what he was saying as the night drew on.


All in all, we  had so much fun it was like a second honeymoon..

When his brother KjjdfKJ:JFKee showed up things started to get a little weird.



  Tommy and Austin had a blast, but I knew we couldn't keep our secret for long.

lakdffjs'f decided it was best to leave in  his spaceship (above), but  KjjdfKJ:JFKee decided to blend in with the locals (below):  

A true illegal alien